A long goodbye

I wonder what the other guys are thinking right now?  I bet they’re excitedly making their final preparations for the RAID and nervously thinking about what lies ahead in the Pyrenees.

Instead of all that, I’m sitting here with a feeling of guilt and despair about leaving my lovely young family for a week.  It’s been brewing a while but this aching feeling in the pit of my stomach has grown exponentially in the last 48 hours after my youngest broke her collar bone.

The Wounded Daughter

The Wounded Daughter

She’s a lively little 3 year old but this freak injury occurred when she fell out of bed a couple of nights ago.  After a mis-diagnosis of bruising and eventually a drawn out afternoon in the fracture clinic, I could have cried when I found out she had broken one of her little bones.  The pain comes in waves (usually linked to Calpol withdrawal symptoms) and she has been very brave by trying to carry on with all the normal things.

So, if leaving my family for a week for a stupid bike ride hadn’t felt bad enough, it feels pretty shitty right now.

But, the Land Rover is fully loaded and should soon be arriving on French shores with Dave and Terry.  The flights are booked and we leave tomorrow morning (with an emotional goodbye that doesn’t bare thinking about) and all the plans are firmly set.  It’s just as well that there is no getting out of it now because I can’t begin to think what was going through my mind 9 months ago when I set the wheels in motion for this thing.

It’d better be an epic adventure full of heroic tales that I can share with the girls when I come home.

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