Tired and Emotional

After 2 weeks of relative inactivity, today was the day that I got back in to proper training.  Any of you that took the time to read my post about shin splints know exactly why I’ve had an enforced lay off from running.  Besides a short run on Tuesday I’d not ran since covering 20 miles 2 weeks ago so I was slightly anxious about todays 19 miler.

As always, I was really appreciative to run the first part of the route with Jim and Leanne.  The sun was out and we chatted  away whilst cruising our way around some country lanes to cover 11 miles before they peeled off.  I’d got another 8 miles or so to cover on my own and carried on at a steady pace alone.

I tried an energy bar instead of a gel today,  I wouldn’t recommend it!  Not only did it look disgusting after melting in my pocket for 90 minutes, I didn’t have enough saliva to swallow it so used up most of my water to get it down!  That proved to be the only real hiccup of the run though.  I covered the remaining miles at a steady pace, kicking myself a little about not taking enough fluid out with me, but largely OK.

My calves tightened up a little and my feet burnt in my new shoes, but my pace only slowed in the last couple of hilly miles so I was well happy when I got home.  But as I sat with ice on my shins whilst flicking through Facebook and Twitter, a funny sensation came over me …. I felt really emotional!

It doesn’t happen very often and is always linked to other peoples sporting achievements (Mo Farah, Sports Personality of the Year, Rocky II) and the thing that really got me was thinking about my brother-in-law who is training for the same marathon as me.  It’s the first time he has done anything like this and from a standing start he is doing brilliantly.  He’s lost 2 stones and has gone from running 10k to 19 miles in the last few months.  When he finishes the marathon he’ll have achieved something immense and I feel very proud.  I find his journey deeply inspiring and today had watery eyes whilst typing a note to tell him so.

I’m sure that emotions are frayed when you’re exhausted.  I recall training for London 5 years ago and having a bit of a moment whilst having a shave after a long run.  But it’s a strange experience to feel overwhelmed when you’re unaccustomed to it … this is definitely not a smooth journey! Does anyone else have these sensations after a long run or ride?

After a hot shower, a couple of pints and a good dinner I feel back to my normal self but will remember how I felt today and use it to balance out any other wobbles over the next few weeks.

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