Simpson and my Giro Tee

imageI was hooked as soon as I saw the limited edition Simpson Giro T-Shirt last week and ordered one immediately.  It looks good doesn’t it?

Just as I had started to wonder when it would arrive, I got an email from Terry at Simpson magazine telling me of a short delay.  When he knew I wanted to show it off after riding to Skegness this weekend, I got an email straight back to tell me he had arranged a special delivery for today and wishing me a good ride tomorrow.

A personal touch and a great recovery from a little blip means I now feel like I have had a brilliant service and am already a fan of the magazine despite having only read their blog!

The top is now safely packed in the car for Mrs G to bring over to Skeggy and I’m looking forward to posing about in it during the Cup Final tomorrow afternoon.

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