Fair weather cyclist?

When I got home this evening, I had a choice to make.  Sit down eat the sweet ‘n’ sour pork stir fry that Mrs G had made and play with two tired kids, or dash about the house trying to find my kit (that was still strewn all over the place after the weekends triathlon) and make a quick 15 minute turn around to go and meet on our cross roads for a ride.  Sometimes I make good choices.  Tonight I made a bad choice and got the bike out.

Dax stings your eyes

Dax stings your eyes

Turning up late never goes down well and my 15 minute turn around had actually taken more like 25.  A group of lads had already gone on ahead and just two of us remained.  It didn’t take long for us to catch everyone up with the wind behind us, and we arrived at Mallory Park in good time.  After a quick chat and paying our £2 we set off on the lap to find an annoying head wind all the way down the start and finish straight.  By the time we hit the hairpin for the first time it was raining and after just one flying lap I was soaked through and put my rain coat on 5 minutes too late for it to keep me warm or dry.  Then, after a busy day at work forgetting to drink, I got cramp in my calf.

Only a couple of laps later and the lure of a hot shower and my sweet ‘n’ sour pork won.  My mate Dickie and I moaned all the way home and trundled along at an uncharacteristically slow

Definitely wonky

Definitely wonky

pace.  My eyes were stinging because the rain was washing all the crap (it’s not crap, it’s Dax) out of my hair and in to my eyes, my feet were cold and I couldn’t see out of my glasses.  I couldn’t even put my specs on my  helmet in a way that looked cool.  They were lopsided.  And the end of the arm hurt my head.  My nose was running and I was nearly drowning in snot.

There were no consolation prizes today.  It was windy, wet, cold and slow.  I’ve enjoyed my hot shower and my sweet ‘n’ sour pork.  And now I am enjoying a glass of red wine whilst ranting on here.  There were plenty of people still at Mallory Park when we left and we passed a few more cyclists on the way home.  Let’s face it, they must be more dedicated than me and I must be a fair weather cyclist.


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